Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sephora Formula X Updated Review

Formula X Polish Extraordinary 2
As a person who can’t seem to wear nail polish without almost immediate, massive chipping, I’m always happy to find that a slight tweak in how I’m applying said polish leads to great results. A few weeks ago, I posted a review for Formula X (here) where I rated it as a “like” (3 stars) but reported that it still chipped pretty quickly. I mentioned that I was ordering the base coat, top coat and a set of twenty-two polishes and I would report back if the results changed. Well, the results HAVE changed and definitely for the better!
Formula X Polish Extraordinary 4
Last Saturday, I dug in to my set of 22 (see here) and got ready to apply the color “Extraordinary,” a light bluish gray. Before doing that, I remember that I had also ordered the Nail Cleanser, Base Coat and Top Coat. I was definitely curious to see if using these products, along with the polish, would help the wear time!
Formula X Nail Cleanser

Formula X Base Coat

Formula X Top coat
I obviously “get” what a base coat and top coat are supposed to do but wasn’t sure about the Nail Cleanser. Long ago, when I visited the salon for acrylic nails (remember those days???), the nail technician applied something that was supposed to keep the acrylic from lifting, so I thought maybe that’s what this product did. Sephora describes it as something that extends the life of your manicure, removes impurities and leaves the nails primed for base coat and color. When I applied it, Nail Cleanser definitely did remind me of the clear substance that my former nail technician used. It doesn’t have a sheen or really even sit on top of the nail (so it’s not a polish). It has the consistency of nail polish remover (which it isn’t) or maybe reminds me a little bit of a toner. Either way, I think it did it’s job well!
Formula X Polish Extraordinary 1
So here’s the deal: the picture above was taken today (Thursday) so that’s literally six days ago. Since then, I’ve cleaned the house, taken a bath or shower every day, worked on the computer, run errands AND gone on an overnight business trip (when I am usually chipping my nails right and left). I have one tiny chip on my ring finger (you can barely see it). You can even see the growth at the top of each nail, near the cuticle. The extra steps I took with the Formula X Nail Cleanser, Base Coat and Top Coat really did make a difference! So if you’re a klutz like me and can’t seem to keep this (or any) polish on your nails longer than a day, try the ENTIRE Formula X system.  It’s a winner in my book!!
Purchase Formula X here at Sephora.
Ages of Beauty rating (revised): *****