Monday, October 28, 2013

Formula X Nail Polish

Formula X Pyrotechnic
Calling all nail polish lovers! I came across a new (well, new to me) nail polish from Sephora that is supposed to be fast drying and long wearing. My last Sephora order contained a mini bottle of this polish in “Pyrotechnic” so I thought I’d try it out. Read on for my thoughts!
Formula X Pyrotechnic 2
Formula X’s formula is smooth and thin, which I like in a polish. The brush is small enough that I can easily apply the color with a fair amount of precision but not so large that it's cumbersome. Pyrotechic  is a beautiful bright red that reads slightly warm to me. Once applied, it does dry quickly with a nice shine. As always, I used a good base coat (CND Sticky), two coats of color and a coat of Seche Vite top coat. I like both the color and the polish over all.
Formula X Pyrotechnic 3
Some of the reviews I read on the Sephora site mention that Formula X is a long wearing polish. For my test, I applied the polish (2 coats) as above, on a Monday. It went on beautifully and I ended up with a shiny, vibrant manicure. As for the long wear claims, I actually didn’t find that this formula was particularly long lasting. Within three days, I was touching up the tips (both hands) just like I do with almost every other nail polish, except shellac. I wore Pyrotechnic until Saturday (so that’s six days) and actually touched up the tips twice during that time frame. Here’s a picture of both hands on Day 6, right before I removed the polish:
Formula X after 6 days
Despite the chipping, I do like the polish and have ordered a bunch of mini bottles from Sephora. The colors look really great and many of them appear to be pretty unique. I also ordered both the Formula X base coat and top coat to see if that improves the wear-ability (some of the reviews mentioned that all 3 steps are necessary to guarantee long wear). If I find that to be the case, I will report back!

You can purchase Formula X for $10.50 each at Sephora by clicking this link. Check it out!!

Ages of Beauty rating: ***