Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Transitional Clothing with Gwynnie Bee

Right about now in Central Virginia, the weather gets a bit strange. Gone are the days of 90 degrees + and 80% + humidity. Instead, we’re having cool mornings (it was 55 degrees when I left the house) and afternoons in the mid 60s. It’s not shorts weather but it’s not sweaters and boots weather either. What’s a girl to do? The answer is…Gwynnie Bee! I’ve written about Gwynnie Bee before (here) and I love their service. For a set monthly fee, I receive a number of items of clothing that I can keep as long as I want. When I’m done with them, I send them back to the company (in a prepaid envelope) and the company sends my next shipment. It’s that simple! Since joining Gwynnie Bee, I’ve been able to “rent” trendier items that I would have never purchased myself and therefore, have extended my wardrobe. This week, I wore two outfits, based on Gwynnie Bee selections, that are helping me transition from summer to fall.

The Printed Shirtdress was soooo comfortable and easy to wear. A slightly thicker material, I paired it with simple jewelry and canvas wedges. It was perfect for a day of work and dinner out with friends that evening.

Gwynnie Bee Printed Shirtdress

Tuesday I wore the outfit, below, for coffee with a friend and then work in my home office. I paired Gwynnie Bee’s Chantal Chiffon Blouse with a tank top from Dobbin, my Lucky Sofia skinny jeans and sandals. Comfortable and stylish!!!

Gwynnie Bee Chantal Chiffon Blouse
How about you? How are you working with the changes in the weather?