Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Fifth Anniversary!

Anniversary Flowers 1
This past Friday, my husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. It was a glorious end to a tough week and I think we both needed some downtime together. Our “tradition” over the past five years has been that the morning of our anniversary, I am greeted with a card and a some form of hydrangea flowers (sometimes a single stem and sometimes a full arrangement). Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and they featured heavily in our wedding. Then later that day, we have dinner at a favorite restaurant (this year it was Chez Max) and at least one of us dresses in the clothing we wore on our wedding day. Since it was cool that evening, I wore a long sleeved dress but my husband went with the same suit, tie, shoes and shirt from our wedding.
Anniversary flowers 2
When I married my husband, I knew that I had finally found the one whom I could love, trust and rely on for the rest of my life. And for the first time in my life, I have a true partner. He’s one of two loves of my life (click here to see the other one) and he makes me happy to be alive every day.
Happy Anniversary, Sweetie! I love you!!!