Friday, April 19, 2013

The Love of My Life

Everyone wants unconditional love, right? Well, it's rarely found in human relationships but it's always found with dogs. Thus, the "Love of My Life," Bentley!

Bentley came to me seven years ago when I first moved back to Virginia. My brother lost his Golden to a medical problem earlier that year and began looking for a new puppy. He found a litter and reserved a male and female, from which he would choose when the puppies came of age.

When the time came, my brother called me and said, "Hey, go with me and help me pick out a puppy." Now since I already had two large yellow labs, I told him, "Whatever you do, don't let me get a puppy!"

We arrived to see the litter and the two puppies (a boy and a girl) were brought to us. I watched in amazement at the little personalities that had already formed. The girl was very feisty and into everything while the boy was what could only be described as a "Mama's Boy." He was a large puppy and although he had been weaned, he ran after his mother and tried to suckle her. She would push him away and he'd cry until the breeder brought him a bowl of puppy chow with milk. 

I kept urging my brother to get both puppies because, after all, puppies need friends, right? At one point I thought my brother was going to get both but then he suddenly said he was getting the girl. I immediately said, "Good cuz I'm getting the boy! Do you have any money?"

After we determined that the breeder would take a check, I rode home in the passengers seat with two adorable golden retriever puppies. Their names were Bentley and Bunnie.

Ever since that day, Bentley has been the love of my life. He is my baby boy and loves me no matter what. When I return to the house, he is always so excited to see me (even if I've only been gone 10 minutes). He also "talks" to me to get my attention and goes to work with me every morning (follows me upstairs to my office). Bentley often joins me on conference calls. 

I love all of my pets but Bentley has a special place in my heart!

Do you have a Bentley in your life?