Monday, August 19, 2013

My Skin Savior: Skin Actives Every Lipid Serum

ELS from Skin Actives
As you all know, I test out many, many different skincare and makeup products. Some of them work great for me and some don’t. Those that don’t can often irritate my skin, making it dry and sometimes itchy. I’ve yet to have an actual reaction from a product (at least since testing products for this blog) but my skin does get patchy and dry if a product is too strong. Usually it’s the tender skin around my nose and then on either side of my chin. Flaky. Dry. Gross. The one product that works to clear this up almost instantly is Skin Actives Every Lipid Serum.

Skin Actives Every Lipid Serum
My own well used and well loved bottle of ELS

Skin Actives describes the purpose of this serum is to “provide an array of nutrients and antioxidants that your skin needs to stay healthy.” It contains 100% actives and no fillers and is designed to repair the skin barrier. Every Lipid Serum has also been shown to regulate oil production in oily skin, which makes it suitable for an acne control regime. That seems like it wouldn’t make sense, but we all now know that when we strip oil out of the skin, the skin produces more oil. 

The ingredients in ELS are as follows:

Squalane, Rosehip (Rosa rubiginosa ) seed oil, Pomegranate (Punica granatum ) seed oil, Chia (Salvia Hispanica) seed oil, Argan (Argania spinosa) oil, Schizochytrium oil, Soybean (Glycine max, non GMO) Lecithin, Cholesterol Oleyl Carbonate and Cholesteryl Nanoate and Cholesteryl Chloride, Punica granatum (pomegranate) Seed Oil and Astaxanthin and Tocotrienols and Lycopene and alpha D-Tocopherol and Thioctic Acid and Lutein and beta Carotene, Ceramide-3, Phytosterols, Gamma Oryzanol.

You can see from the ingredients list above, this serum is primarily oils and various actives. And no fillers! I use it exactly as it comes but it can also be used as a based serum for the addition of other actives (SA recommends CoEnzyme Q10, GABA and other actives that will dissolve in oil).

Every Lipid Serum Spout

Every Lipid Serum Swatch

During the summer, I primarily use ELS when needed (like last week when toner I was testing was a little bit too strong for me), but during the winter, it is a regular part of my daily routine. Very little is needed---one or two “squirts” at the most (that's actually probably too much). I spread it over my face and neck and my skin is soothed and hydrated.

Every Lipid Serum is what I consider a “miracle product” in an industry where there is no such thing as a real miracle. For $18.50, users receive one ounce of a serum which is 1000% better than any $300 serum (a larger size is available). Skin Active products are formulated by chemists who actually know a thing or two about ingredients, formulations and what actually works for the skin. You can see from the packaging (and their website) that they are not a “marketing company.” That’s a very good thing as there are no outlandish claims made but, rather, the real truth about what is possible and what’s not in skin care and anti aging.

I highly recommend this product for everyone with Normal to Very Dry skin and then as needed for people with oilier complexions (try it out and see if it works for you!).

Ages of Beauty rating: *****


  1. Denise Ages of BeautySeptember 24, 2013 at 8:08 PM

    Hi Amber! ELS is really great and I'm sure you'll love it! I've been using SkinActives products for a couple of years and I don't think there's anything I've tried yet that I haven't loved. Keep checking back for more SkinActives reviews. I've got several products (some new) that I'll be writing about in the coming weeks!

  2. I love this serum too - fantastic for my dry skin; it's the one product that really makes it look noticeably smoother.

  3. Denise Ages of BeautySeptember 29, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    Isn't it great? I know it's going to be a staple of mine this winter, too!


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