Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cool Things: Truffle’s Purse Organizers

Back in May, I blogged about the arrival of my new PopSugar Summer Fun Box. It contained all kinds of goodies for the summer including a Truffle Classic Clarity organizing pouch. At the time, I wrote, “I don’t know if I’d pay that much” ($38) for a canvas and plastic pouch but after having used it all summer, I have changed my mind!! I was so, so wrong!!! In fact, I will be ordering more Truffle pouches, probably the smaller ones, to replace what I am using in my purse right now for lipstick, etc.

Truffle organizers are made of heavy duty canvas and thick, clear plastic with seriously industrial strength zippers. I need tough zippers because I’m always jamming extra stuff into my purse and the pouch as well. While I haven’t used it for my iPad, apparently The Clarity is the perfect size for a tablet and I can definitely see how well that would work. In the almost three months since I’ve been using the pouch, it hasn’t torn, scuffed or really shown any wear (unlike the two other small pouches I am using) which is why this is not only a “cool thing” but also a great buy!

To give you an idea of its use in real life, check out the pictures below!

Tote bag 1 My Large Jane Marvel tote which has become my summer staple bag

Tote bag 2 A Bottomless Pit!!!

Tote bag 3

My Truffle pouch holds keys, my wallet, checkbooks, a comb, travel receipts, a bluetooth headset and my sunglasses and a bunch of other things. It truly is a workhorse! And soon it will be joined by at least one other Truffle pouch!!!

You can purchase Truffle purse organizers in several sizes and pretty colors at Truffle’s website and prices range from $32 to $44. Check them out!!!