Monday, June 24, 2013

Dobbin Clothing Haul

Dobbin Clothing

I’ve written before about my love for Dobbin Clothing (here and here) so it should not be shocking that I bought even more from their line. They had a great sale for Memorial Day and then later had a flash sale (a one day sale that’s announced the morning of the sale) so I stocked up on some great basics. Here’s what I purchased:

Dobbin Wrap Dress

The Carson Stretch Ponte Faux Wrap Dress in Midnight Blue Chain Print fits like a dream! I really can’t say enough about this dress. Not only is it comfortable , it drapes beautifully and the fabric is so luxurious! This will work for a number of occasions from a casual gathering to a business meeting. A great basic to have in your closet! Click here for more details.

Dobbin Dress and Jacket

For this look, I added a gorgeous jacket which is actually from Dobbin’s Spring 2012 line (you can find this year’s jacket here). Dobbin really hit it out of the ballpark with this one! Again, the fabric quality is amazing and the tailoring is just wonderful. This jacket goes with just about everything and is becoming my “go to” piece for Spring and Summer.

Dobbin Sabrina Sheath

The Sabrina Sheath in Lilac is made of the same gorgeous stretch ponte fabric that is featured in most of their dresses. The substantial weight of the fabric makes it a great choice for year round wear. While I love purple, I wasn’t sure that this would be for me but once I put it on, I fell in love! With a jacket, this will be great for business meetings.

Dobbin Sabrina and Jacket 
And here’s Sabrina with the jacket! I love the wardrobe building blocks that Dobbin provides!

Sophie Blouse Stanton Pant

In this picture, I’m wearing the Stanton Stretch Canvas Pants in Navy and the Sophie Silk Charmeuse Blouse in Dark Slate Blue. Here’s the exact outfit on their model (Shut up! Short, chubby girls can wear it too!).  I luuuurrrrrrrve these pants! The Stanton pant was recently re-cut with a slimmer, more modern leg. I have a pair of the “old” design in black and while I really like them, these are so much better! Regardless of which design, though, they have a great feature for those of us who have “issues” (ahem) with larger posteriors and smaller waists. Almost all of my pants and jeans have to be taken in a couple of inches at the waist because they cause a large gap. Not these pants! They have an adjustable waist that is adjusted from the inside of the garment, meaning there is no tell tale elastic on the outside (which of course means that you’re wearing the dreaded “old lady pants.”) This design feature is BRILLIANT!!! Those of you with the butt/waist gap problem know what I mean!!

Dobbin Jacket and pants

There’s that jacket again!! (You know you want one!)

dobbin Sophie Blouse

In addition to the Dark Slate Blue blouse above, I also purchased the Sophie Blouse in Sea Green (see it here). I now have three Dobbin silk blouses and I am constantly blown away by the weight and the quality of the silk that they use in their blouses. All three of them are absolutely spectacular. When I wore the sea green blouse to my parents’ home for Father’s Day, I got so many compliments! You absolutely must check out these blouses for yourself!!!

(What? Were you expecting a picture of the outfit above with the jacket???)

There are actually a few more pieces that I have my eye on so we’ll see how the summer goes. I have yet to find a piece from Dobbin that hasn’t been better than anything I’ve ever seen, particularly at this price point, but really, even higher priced clothing doesn’t really compare. Dobbin makes all of their pieces in the good old US of A so check them out! We really need to support American manufacturers!!! Plus, they know women’s bodies and make us all look beautiful!