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Dobbin: My New Favorite Clothing Company!


It’s not often that one finds a clothing manufacturer that combines great fit, high quality fabric, reasonable price and is made in the USA. Well, I managed to find one and I’m sharing it with you today! Dobbin Clothing is located in New York City and was started by two fashion veterans, Jessica Gold Newman and Catherine Doyle. Their idea of providing fashionable basics to “real” women, at a reasonable price, using very high quality fabrics has taken off. The result is a line of clothing sold exclusively online for under $200.


Dobbin Fundamentals: Value, Fit and Principles

Value means that they use the very same high quality European fabrics that high end designers use but by selling exclusively online, they don’t have the same overhead as those designers and the savings can be passed on to you. As I mentioned, prices are reasonable---under $200 for beautifully made basics that can be worn all year (many pieces are under $100). I was shocked when I opened my order and felt how luxurious the fabric is and as soon as I put on the clothing, I could definitely tell how the fabric and fit impacts the finished product. These are not cheap pieces that will fall apart after one season---you will wear these items for years and the price per wear decreases as the seasons change.

Fit means that these clothes are made for real women, not waif-like models. Available in sizes 0 to 16, it all starts with a size 8 fit model rather than the standard size 0 or 2. Then they use other models up and down the scale to make sure that the fit is right. Jessica (the CEO) explained to me that the size charts on their website actually show the size of the garment. Instead of having an overall size run based on their fit model (like most clothing manufacturers do) they pay more attention to the fit of the individual garment. Each garment is supposed to fit a little bit differently than the next one, which means that you end up with better fitting  clothing (that was a mouthful but when you put the clothes on, you'll understand). What that means to me is that the dress that I bought, in my size, looks just as good on me as the model on the web page (seriously!). It doesn’t bind, it’s not tight and I look great! 

Principles means that “fashion can stand for something” and those “somethings” mean that Dobbin’s chic basics are made in the USA, use mostly washable fabrics, the company provides great customer service. What more can you ask for?

Okay…I told you that these pieces look just as good on me as they do on the model (stop laughing!). Here’s the proof (click any of the pictures to go to that item on the website):

black dress Juliet Stretch Ponte Dress in Black, size 16

juliet_black_2 Juliet Stretch Ponte Dress in Black, size 8

Blouse and pants Harper Stretch Silk Charmeuse Blouse in XL and Chase pant in size 14

img_1986 Harper Stretch Silk Charmeuse Blouse

Chase pantChase Stretch Ponte Cropped Pant in Black. This pant is cropped on the model (who is 5’8”) but the website explains for women who are shorter, it will be ankle length or longer (like it is on me)

I also bought the Stanton Stretch Canvas Ankle Pant, pictured below, but I need to hem them before I wear them out. These pants are also great and I love that they have an adjustment at the waist that can bring in the waistline a couple of inches. Since they have a more rigid/fitted waistband than the Chase pants, that’s important to me because pants that fit my hips are generally at least a few inches too big in the waist. I may have to have them hemmed but cinching in the waist is usually a more expensive tailoring job.

Stanton Stretch Canvas Stanton Stretch Canvas Ankle Pant

I’m already a big fan of Dobbin Clothing and have my eye on a few more pieces from the their Spring collection. I‘ve been wearing the Chase pants and the Harper silk top a lot over the past two weeks and they are so comfortable. The many compliments I have received are also a great bonus!

Do check them out at You'll love them as much as I do!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****

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  1. You definitely DO look as good as the model pictures! Stunning.
    (I found my way to your blog from Dobbin's fb page because I wanted to see what the clothes looked like on women IRL. Convinced the clothes do look as good as the pictures, I'm off to buy some today while the sale is on. Thanks for your column & pics.)


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