Monday, April 8, 2013

Product Review: Color Club Nail Polish in "He Loves Me"

Last week, I wrote about the new beauty box (here) and how promising the products looked. I've been testing out some of them and this review is about the included nail polish by Color Club. What is my opinion on this nail polish? Click below to find out!!

"He Loves Me" is a beautiful bright pink that looks absolutely lovely in the bottle. It's the perfect Spring pink and I was very excited to try this polish, since I had not ever been exposed to this brand.

To test polish, I first remove any oils or residue off of my nails using nail polish remover. Then I apply one coat of an OPI base coat before the color polish. After two coats, I evaluate to see how the finish looks and if enough, I then apply one coat of Seche Vite. If more is needed, I apply one more coat of color polish before the Seche Vite.

Two Coats of He Loves Me
After two coats of Color Club, I was really disappointed. You can see from the picture above that the color, while beautiful, was extremely streaky and just did not cover well at all. The finish was really odd looking and like nothing I have ever seen. 

So I tried a third coat...

The third coat looks slightly better but still very patchy. You can see that even with three coats, the color is uneven. At this point, I didn't even take the next step and apply the Seche Vite. I removed the polish and applied another color waiting to be tested.

What a disappointment! I want to believe that my experience was a fluke with this particular color of Color Club nail polish. At some point, I will purchase another bottle and give it another shot. At $8 per bottle, Color Club is affordable and it looks like they offer a lot of beautiful colors in their line. 

Have you ever tried Color Club? What was your experience?

Ages of Beauty rating: zero stars