Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring 2013 Trends: Stripes!

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What are your thoughts on stripes? Well, like it or not, stripes are all over the place for Spring 2013.  As you know, stripes are tricky for many of us. I've got some ideas on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe in non threatening ways. Click below for more!

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I actually really like stripes of all kinds. Just because we're over forty doesn't mean we can't take part in some of the best trends! In times past, I avoided horizontal stripes like the plague. There was no way that I would wear anything that may have accented an area of my body that I didn't particularly "like." Whether it's my advanced age or the fact that I am more confident, I wear what makes me feel good and stripes, like polka dots, do that for me (but I don't wear them together!). 

As far as I am concerned, there aren't too many rules when it comes to stripes, but I do follow a few. For instance, I won't wear an outfit that consists only of stripes. If I've got a striped jacket, I will wear either plain everything else or maybe I'll pick up the stripe in a small item, like maybe my shoes (but the stripes may be going in a different direction or be of a different width) or jewelry.  Another rule that I generally follow is that I don't wear very wide horizontal stripes on my bottom half but I will wear very thin stripes.

Accessories are another great way to pick up the stripe trend.This season, there are so many different striped shoes and handbags available at all price points. Check out Talbots, JC Penney, Zappos and Target for some really cute ideas.

The picture above shows one of my favorite striped looks, from Gwynnie Bee. This dress, which was one of my picks from Gwynnie Bee's fabulous service, shows how you can incorporate stripes very simply and unobtrusively into your wardrobe. Small, strategically placed stripes give just enough "oomph" to your day and help you look fresh and on trend.

How are you "showing your stripes" this Spring? Do share!!!