Thursday, March 21, 2013

Product Review: Physicians Formula Se*y Booster Se*y Glow Glossy Stain

Physicians Formula has done it again with the release of their Se*y Booster Se*y Glow Glossy Stain. In my last post, I mentioned how  their Se*y Booster Blush caught my eye, with it's ultra cute packaging, yummy scent and subtle glow. Does the Glossy Stain please me as much as the blush did? Click below to find out!

Hot Pink and Red

I love a good lip gloss. For me, that means one that is highly pigmented (although lighter glosses do have their places), not too sticky and one that wears well over time. It's a plus if it smells good too! Physicians Formula describes Se*y Booster as a "gloss + stain hybrid formula" that reminds me a bit of the Hourglass liquid lipsticks that I reviewed here (but without the hardcore longevity) as well as the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stains (but without the huge price tag). I found that Se*y Booster lasted well for me, even through drinking water and eating lunch, for about four hours. Even after eating and drinking, I had a good amount of color left that that slowly faded over time, leaving stained lips that weren't glossy but were lovely none the less.

Hot Pink


The doe-footed applicator allows for comfortable, precise application. Se*y Booster contains the same "Se*y Boost Blend" that the blush has (Androstadienone, Cocoa Extract and Horned Goatweed) and also smells like vanilla. 

I found both the hot pink and red colors to be very wearable and affordable at $9.95 per tube (available online or at your favorite drugstore). They're a great addition to your lip color collection and look great with the Se*y Booster Blush.

Wearing Hot Pink Glossy Stain with Rose Blush

Have you tried Se*y Glow Glossy Stain? Do tell!

Ages of Beauty rating: ****