Sunday, July 13, 2014

Keaton Row: Your Personal Shopper and New Best Friend!

 A couple of months ago, while reading one of my favorite message boards, I learned about Keaton Row, a new personal shopper/stylist service available on the web. Since I both hate shopping and appear to have a faulty accesorizing gene, I decided to give it a try!

Once I created a profile, I was immediately able to browse the profiles of stylists that have been working with Keaton Row's customers. The profiles are really helpful because they allow you to understand a little bit about the personality about each stylist. Honestly, I can't remember if I chose my stylist or if the Keaton Row system chose for me (both are options available at any time), but my assigned stylist, Leah Price, contacted me within a day and we started the process of figuring out my needs.

I told Leah that I was mostly interested in putting together some "casual chic" looks that included jewelery, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Since my profile included not only the types of styles I liked but also my sizes, favorite colors and problem areas, Leah was able to come up with quite a few possible looks. This whole process can be done via email or over the phone (I chose email) but once the stylist has finished putting pieces together, the looks are available on the Keaton Row dashboard.

Leah really got my style right from the beginning! She was so easy to work with and the options she gave me were outstanding! I also asked Leah to take me out of my comfort zone somewhat and, for me, that showed up in earrings that I would have never picked on my own. When wearing Leah's outfits, I truly feel well styled and put together!

The key to working with Keaton Row is understanding that the items chosen by the stylist have a shelf life---sometimess if you don't act quickly, the items will not be available in the participating store. You can be sure, though, that you will receive the best price offered by the retailer even though the Keaton Row site may not yet be updated with the promotions that the retailer may be running. I definitely found this to be true with my purchases, as sometimes the Keaton Row site showed one price but when I purchased the item, I actually received the store's sale price.

Another things I really like about the looks is that you may already have something suitable in your wardrobe that can be substituted instead, giving you a new way to wear one of your own pieces! I did this with a pair of shoes, a handbag (I substututed a Rebecca Minkoff bag I already had in my collection) and some jewelery. Of course, I did end up spending quite a bit that time around but it was all worth it! Leah hit a complete home run with my looks and every single item I received fit beautifully!

I give Keaton Row and Leah Price five stars so you should check them out at