Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sometimes I’d Rather Go Nude!!

Nude Nail Polishes Spring 2014
It’s that time of year when my tastes in makeup run from more of a natural look to doing things up with the zing of a fresh, bright color. Right now I’m loving nude polishes for my fingers and I’ve been switching off between the lovelies above. Each of them is close enough to my natural skin color that they give me a nice, professional look. They will also work as a fresh statement for darker skinned ladies, which is really popular right now (think about how a white polish would look on my skin tone or slightly darker—that’s how these will fare with deeper complexions).

Sephora Formula X Thrilling
Formula X in Thrilling is a grayish/whitish, sandy nude. I really like this one as it’s really opaque and looks really nice and clean (when you clean up your mistakes, unlike what I did in these pictures—:) ). This (and other Formula X polishes) are available at Sephora for $10.50 each.
Sephora Formula X Thrilling Nails 1
Formula X in Thrilling

CNd vinylux Negligee
CND’s Vinylux polish is weekly version of their more long lasting polish (which uses a light). I love the Negligee color because it’s very natural (with a pinkish tint) and fairly transparent. For each of these pictures, I applied two coats, so you can definitely see the differences in the opacity. You can tell from the picture above that my bottle of Negligee is well loved! I purchase most of my CND polishes off of Amazon. You can generally find them from $5.
CNd vinylux Negligee Nails 1

Maybelline Colorshow Neutral Statement
Maybelline Color Show’s Neutral Statement was a surprise for me. I’ve never really tried many Maybelling nail polishes and in the bottle, it looked almost too warm toned for me. Once applied, it blends well, being an actual true nude compared to my skin color. In these pictures, the finish looks more transparent than it is in real life. Looking at my nails as I’m writing this post, I don’t notice much transparency, only natural loveliness! Neutral Statement can be found at your favorite drugstore for about $3.
Maybelline Colorshow Neutral Statement Nails 1

Sephora Formula X Standout
Last but not least is Sephora’s Formula X in Standout. This one is similar to Maybelline’s Neutral Statement, except it’s very opaque. In fact, I’m wearing Neutral Statement on my left hand and Standout on my right hand, and unless you look closely, it’s impossible to tell the difference. Wear time will be better with Standout, due to the excellent Formula X technology but the colors are very similar. Although Standout is described as a “rosy nude,” I would describe is as more of a sandy, warm shade. Either way, though, I love it!!!
Sephora Formula X Standout Nails
So this is what I’m loving for nude nails. How about you? What are your favorites?