Monday, June 2, 2014

Naked 3: A Soft Eye Look

Naked 3
Now that all of the hoopla from Naked 3’s launch has died down, I thought I’d start a series of looks that I’ve worn using this excellent palette. Like a lot of ladies, I purchased #3 (I also have Naked 2) as soon as it launched. I love the rose-centric colors and, at first, I thought that the colors weren’t different enough to create many looks. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I was woefully uninformed! Once I started playing with it, I easily came up with a number of lovely combinations and I’m still discovering more. So here’s my first look. Check it out!

Naked 3 Look 1b

For my look #1, I used the following shades:

* Base (from lashline to brow): Strange
* Lid: Buzz
* Crease: Nooner
* Inner Corner: Dust
* Bottom Lash Line: Nooner

Naked 3 Look 1c

Naked 3 Look 1d

Naked 3 Look 1a

I find the colors in this palette work well with my lighter skin and green eyes. They blend easily and have a nice, smooth texture. While they are quite pigmented, the tones work well for the “over 40” crowd because the pigments tend not to lend a harsh look to the face. Although I don’t normally do much with my lower lash line (again, I don’t like harsh looks as I think it really ages the face), I easily achieved a soft look by applying Nooner on the outer lash line rather than all the way across.

Naked 3, in my opinion, is a great buy at $54 for twelve shades. The quality is excellent and, unlike some brands, the shadows in this palette perform equally as well as Urban Decay’s single shadows. I’ve reached for this palette again and again this winter and spring and I expect that to continue. If you’re looking for a versatile palette, Naked 3 definitely deserves consideration. Find it at Sephora, Urban Decay or at Ulta. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post more examples of ways that I’ve worn these colors.

If you’ve already purchased it, what are your favorite combinations?