Friday, May 23, 2014

The Garnet Rose Soap Company

Garnet Rose Soap Company 3 soaps
Would you believe that I only recently purchased my first bar of handmade soap? One would think that since I am so interested in beauty products, bath products, etc, that I would have sampled a bit by now. Fortunately for me (and now for you), I discovered The Garnet Rose Soap Company on Etsy! I purchased four bars of the most beautiful and fragrant soap and wanted to share my newly found obsession with you!
Garnet Rose Soap Company 3 soaps 2

The Garnet Rose Soap Company’s products are made the old fashioned way---with oils, lye, essential oils, etc. The proprietor of Garnet Rose, Ms. V, uses natural products from her surrounding area (the Blue ridge Mountains of North Carolina) to produce a beautiful line of soaps that you won’t want to miss! Although there are many “flavors” of soap available at the Etsy store and on Garnet Rose’s website (click here), those that caught my eye include Lavender, Lemon & Dark Patchouli and Bergamot Citrus.
Garnet Rose Soap Company Lemon Patchouli

Garnet Rose Soap Company Lemon Patchouli 2
The Lemon & Dark Patchouli is the first bar I have tried and OMG, is it breathtaking! A mixture of goats milk, olive and coconut oils, she and cocoa butters as well as lemon and patchouli essential oils, this soap provides a luxurious, silky lather and a heady, mysterious fragrance. It also contains a small amount of steel cut oats for exfoliation and I think this bar is to die for! I also love the top of the bar, which is decorated with botanicals and mica---it feels like a luxury spa experience! Fortunately for me, I have two of these so will look forward to using this scent for a long time!

Garnet Rose Soap Company Lavender

Garnet Rose Soap Company Lavender 2
Wow!!! Look at that huge bar of soap!!!

The Lavender soap bar is also lovely. Containing Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, olive and coconut oils, shea and cocoa butters, natural botanicals steel cut oats for exfoliation. The scent is a herby lavender scent that is out of this world. If you love lavender, you’ll love this soap!
Garnet Rose Soap Company Bergamot Citrus
Last but not least, is the Bergamot Citrus. This mellow scent is fresh and slightly tangy and much more sedate than I originally thought. It is so lovely and sweet smelling. Bergamot is not a scent that I am usually drawn to but it really works combined with the citrus. This one is definitely a win and a combination I will continue to look for.

Garnet Rose’s soap ranges in price from $6-$7 per bar and is available in the Etsy store as well as their website. There are currently twenty-two varieties of soap on their website so check it out! You won’t be sorry!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****