Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Brush Cleaning Made Easy With Benjabelle

Benjabelle original-black-large

I know, it’s a chore but it’s a chore that we all must do. Yes, I’m talking about cleaning makeup brushes. Ideally, we should clean them once a week at the very least but…you know…sometimes it’s a job that fills the bravest of us with dread. Clutter! Mess! Smudges on Counters! Water all over the place!!! With as many makeup brushes as some of us have, it’s a pain having your brushes positioned around the sink so that 1. they drip into the sink and 2. they don’t fall into the sink (which mine always do). Fortunately, I found the answer to this (First World) problem---Benjabelle Brush Trees!
Benjabelle original-silicone-close
The geniuses at Benjabelle designed a beautiful solution to all of our makeup brush woes. Available in four “flavors,” these brush trees allow brushes to drain the water out thru the “hair” part of the brush, making i t impossible for water to get into the ferrule (the metal part of the brush). This is important because if water gets into the ferrule, the brush can literally fall apart. Makeup brushes are expensive, y’all, and I personally don’t want mine ruined by water.

I purchased two of these (the Original and the Mini) and this product makes me dread this weekly chore a whole lot less! Even better, Benjabelle Brush Trees are compact, they break down to store easily and they are Made in the USA!
Benjabelle Mini 1
The Mini
Benjabelle Mini 2
Priced from $19.95 to $39.95, BenjaBelle Brush Trees can hold any size brush, from the smallest eye liner to the largest face brush, keeping your investment in your makeup brushes intact.

Check these out at the Benjabelle website. You NEED this product! Click the link now (and this is not a sponsored post)!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****