Thursday, April 3, 2014

Do You See What I See???

Sophie Readers Pink

Let’s face it…one of the biggest pains in the a** about hitting forty is that pretty soon, you’ll enter the wonderful world of reading glasses! It starts when you start having to hold a restaurant menu at arms length to read the fine print. Then that no longer works and you tilt your head back and raising your eyebrows to try and gain that last fraction of an inch in hopes of reading that label on your pill bottle (yeah---you know what I mean---you all of a sudden have to start taking “pills”, am I right???!!!). If you’re me, you get the bad news at your next optometrist appointment that what you really need is not only reading glasses (for when you’re wearing contacts) but also PROGRESSIVE LENSES (a nice, gentle way to say “bi-focals”)!!! OK…I digress…let’s get back to talking about readers!!!

So when you’re experiencing this calamity for the first time, all you can remember is those TV commercials with “old” people who buy ugly reading glasses at the local drugstore. “If I have to suffer this indignity,” you reason, “at least they could maybe be cute!!!” Well, guess what…they can!!! Since I started wearing reading glasses about five years ago, I’ve made it my business to find cute, affordable readers and recently, I’ve purchased a number (ok…many) of cute styles at two websites: and Now I have readers to wear with just about any color and to match any mood or outfit!!!

Sophie Readers Colors

Some of my favorite reading glasses are the Sophie readers available at These glasses are seriously cute and add a huge style point to my look. Yes, I’m nuts and I purchased all six shades. Fortunately, it seems like is always running sales and I think that when I bought them, they were on sale for around $10 per pair. I’ve worn the heck out of them this winter and these babies are a cute way to get a punch of color into your day. My favorites so far are the pink and coral!

Journey Readers Light Brown

Because I am an obsessive freak sometimes (most of the time), I couldn’t let my order go without buying a few more readers with sass. In the picture above, I’m wearing the Journey, a Wayfarer-styled reader that looks like wood! Seriously! These glasses are so cute and cool looking. Unless you pick them up and look closely, you actually will think you’re wearing wooden glasses. A nice surprise!!!

Ethel Readers Red Leopard

And finally, the Ethel in red leopard, which I picked because they have the same name as my paternal grandmother (who passed when I was a year old) who kicked a** and took names, just like these readers do! These divas are priced right at $15.95!

Felicity Smoak Glasses

Last but not least are the readers above, from The style above, is called Soho, and they are available in two colors (I bought both) for $39.95 a pair. Although I don’t have them fully on my face and am looking “over” them rather than “thru” them, I have thought about putting “preogressive” (ahem) lenses in this pair because I love them so much. You won’t believe how I found these…this shows what a geek I am…I love sci fi and started watching the TV show “Arrow” (because my gay husband John Barrowman plays “Malcolm Merlin” in that show) and noticed a pretty actress playing the character “Felicity Smoak.” Well, really, I noticed Felicity’s stylish glasses and had to have them! A little internet searching lead me to the Soho, which are apparently the exact frames that the costumers on the show use for Felicity’s look. Here’s a picture of the actress, Emily Bett Rickards, in the Sohos:

Emily Bett Rickards

Cute, huh? Anyway, I got them in both the Black and Brown/Black and Red colors. Love these glasses!!

Are you wearing reading glasses? What are your favorites? Do you use them to punctuate your style? Do tell!!!