Thursday, April 3, 2014

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

Physicians Formula BB Cream

When I temporarily moved my home base to tropical Florida, not only did the dryness of the winter instantly leave my skin but I also suddenly had a need for major spf! At the same time, I began to be pulled in twenty directions at a time, leaving a lot less time for making myself up. Fortunately, the local CVS had just what I needed---Physicians Formula’s Super BB Cream! I’ll say it right up front---I LOVE this product and it has been my “go to” tinted moisturizer for quite awhile now. Read on to find out why and see before/after pictures!

Physicians Formula BB Cream before
Before BB Cream (mascara only)

Hate me if you will, but while I’ve been in Florida, my “office” has often been outside on the patio in the sunny, 80 degree + weather! Although I am under an umbrella, I always make sure to have spf on my face and the easiest way to do it is with a tinted moisturizer. Physicians Formula Super BB Cream comes equipped with spf 30, which is just perfect for my purposes. It’s soooo easy to smooth on the face, doesn’t settle into my huge forehead and nose pores and dries to a satin finish. In Florida, my skin only has minor dry patches here and there and I find that my skin absolutely loves this product. Super BB Cream also seems to have more of a medium coverage than some of the other BB Creams, whose coverage is often pretty sheer. If you compare the “before BB Cream” picture above with the “after” below, you’ll see what I mean:

Physicians Formula BB Cream after
After BB Cream

You can see that the darker patches right under my eyes are less noticeable (I’m not wearing any concealer or powder in the picture above) as is the darkness on my chin. My blotchy redness also seems to have disappeared! I’m not doing any special “airbrushing” in these photos, just showing you exactly my results. Pretty impressive, huh? Based on my experience, I think that most people will enjoy this BB Cream except for those with oily to very oily skin. For oily ladies/guys, a layer of setting powder will probably help but the formula may be a little bit too emollient for you.

Physicians Formula BB Cream light medium swatch 1
Super BB Cream Light/Medium

Physicians Formula BB Cream light medium swatch 2
Super BB Cream Light/Medium

About the only negative I see about this product is the color selection. In the drugstore, I only saw Light/Medium and Medium/Deep although the Physicians Formula website also lists a “Light” shade as available. Based on my coloring, which is in the NW/NC 20 range in MAC foundation, the Light shade must be very pale. The Deep shade does not look like it would work for very dark skinned ladies so that is disappointing as this is such a great product.

Overall, I’m in “love” with Physicians Formula’s Super BB Cream, which means that not only does this product earn a Five Star Rating, it also goes on my highly coveted “Love” list! Have you tried Super BB Cream? What do you think?

Find Physicians Formula Super BB Cream for about $14.99 at a drugstore near you!

Physicians Formula BB Cream after makeup
Super BB Cream after concealer, blush, powder and lipstick

Ages of Beauty rating: *****