Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zoya Hunter Polish—a Fall Staple!

Zoya Hunter
In my post this morning, I showed you the Zoya order I received last week. Over the weekend, I wore the Hunter color and boy, is it beautiful!!! Honestly, I’ve never really been big on green fingernails, but I’ve discovered that goes to bright green or apple green shades. Hunter, which is an opaque, creamy dark green, is perfect with fall fashions! It’s deep, dark and fabulous!
Zoya Hunter 2
The consistency of Hunter is smooth and medium thin. It glides easily onto the nail and I achieved full opacity with two coats. I experienced no streaking or shedding of the brush.
Zoya Hunter Nails 1

Zoya Hunter Nails 2
Just look at how gorgeous that color is! I applied it on Thursday and it wore well thru eight hours of yard work on Saturday. That’s a record for me! I didn’t get my first chip until Sunday afternoon, which is amazing because I really beat up my nails the day before. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing Hunter again, as well as trying the other Zoya polishes from my haul!

I highly recommend Hunter for those of you who love dark polishes (not to mention dark GREEN polishes) for the cooler weather!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****