Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Makeup Essentials: Mac Taupe and Mocha Blushes

Mac Taupe and Mocha blush
Do you ever have those days where there are tons of things going on and you don’t want to think about anything too difficult, especially when it comes to putting on makeup? On those days, I like to reach for my “tried and true” products and two of them are Mac’s Taupe and Mocha blushes. Both can be applied very subtly or amped up for more color. Neither blush looks very exciting in the pan but both of them can do wonders for your look and your outlook!

Mac Taupe Blush 1 
Mac Taupe Blush

Mac Taupe Blush Swatch
Mac Taupe Blush

Taupe is my go to color for contouring. For lighter skinned ladies, in general, it is the perfect color that actually is close to the color of a real shadow. That allows me to successfully create a slight hollow under my cheekbones and at my jaw line. It’s subtle, but effective.The nice thing about Mac’s Taupe blush is that there’s no orange which often is the case with contouring products.

Mac Mocha Blush
Mac Mocha Blush

Mac Mocha Blush swatch
Mac Mocha Blush

Another non descript color, Mocha seems to be misnamed. A neutral medium pink (no hint of coffee brown in this one), this blush is the workhorse of my blush wardrobe. It’s easy, natural and provides just the right amount of glow. Mocha literally goes with everything! When I’m traveling for business, there is never any doubt that my look that day is becoming and professional as long as Mocha is in my bag.

Mac Taupe and Mocha Blush
Mac Taupe blush as a subtle contour with Mocha on the cheekbones

Sometimes I like to amp up the contouring a little bit so I’ll layer my Illamasqua pigment (another makeup essential!) in Hollow underneath Taupe. Not only does this provide an extra layer of color, it also adds to the longevity of the color. I typically contour under my cheekbones, at the jaw line. sometimes down the front of my neck (my “waddle”) and up towards my temples. See below for a couple of pictures using both taupe contouring products and Mocha blush.
Illamasqua Hollow swatch
Illamasqua Hollow Cream Pigment

Mac Taupe and Mocha Blush 2 with Illamasqua Hollow
Subtle but effective contouring with Illamasqua Hollow, Mac Taupe blush and Mocha Blush

Mac Taupe and Mocha Blush 2 with Illamasqua Hollow 2
The cheekbone contouring is subtle here but it works. I also apply some right along the hairline on my forehead

Mocha and Taupe pro palette refill pans can be purchased for $17 by clicking here. I put them in one of my Z Palettes but you can also purchase them in the Mac packaging for $21 by clicking here.

Do you have any essential blush and contouring products? What works for you?