Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sephora Elemental Energy Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora Pantone eyeshadow

Last weekend, I purchased Sephora’s new Elemental Energy Eyeshadow Palette. For $38, this kit contains sixteen nicely pigmented eyeshadows that are supposed to represent the colors of the earth’s elements: earth, air, fire and water. I’m still playing with it but upon first glance (and use), I’m finding that the colors are very nice, fairly well pigmented, long lasting and interesting. There’s nothing in here that’s too outlandish, making it a good choice for ladies who like more subdued tones as well as those who like slightly more color. And what I especially like is that there is not too much glittery shine, which, in my opinion, can look very dated and unattractive on women of a certain age (like me!).

I’m trying looks now on combinations from each of the different quads, which I’m photographing and will be presenting in a blog post later this week. I’ll also provide a full review of the entire palette. Read on for pictures and swatches.
Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 3

Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 3

Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 4

Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 4

Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 1

Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 1

Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 2

Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 2

Stay tuned for more!!!