Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lumene Time Freeze Anti - Age CC Cream

Lumene CC Cream

Lumene bills itself as a “holistic beauty and well-being company” whose products are made in Finland but marketed internationally. I purchased the CC cream over the summer and have been trying it out. Read below for my thoughts.

Lumene CC Cream Light

Lumene CC Cream package

CC creams are the newest “it” thing in the makeup world after BB creams. While most U.S. BB creams are tinted moisturizers, CC creams are clearly foundations. Lumene’s offering is no different. It’s texture is lovely and creamy with excellent coverage (up to about medium coverage). I found that I didn’t have to use as much concealer as normal, which a lot of women will find excellent. As far as wear is concerned, this CC cream wears well for me, all day, in fact. The one thing I would say that’s different from most moisturizing formulas, at least for me, is that after a few hours, my nose became shiny, which almost never happens. It’s nothing a little bit of powder won’t fix, but this formula may not be for those of you with oily skin.

Lumene CC Cream ingredients

Lumene is available in two colors: light and medium. The light shade works best for those with fair to light skin and the medium shade for light to medium complexions. Medium matches my complexion the best so that’s what I’ve been wearing the most. See below for swatches.

Lumene CC Cream swatch 1
Medium (left) and Light (right)

Lumene CC Cream swatch 2
Medium (left) and Light (right)

I like Lumene’s CC Cream. At $14.99 per tube, it’s at the higher end price for a drugstore foundation but it has SPF 20, acts as a moisturizer and primer, as well as a foundation, so it’s a decent value. Would I purchase it again? Sure!

Have you tried this CC cream? What do you think?

Ages of Beauty rating: ****