Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bobbi Brown’s Bobbi & Katie Palette, Part 2

Bobbi & Katie Palette 1

Ready for Part Two of my two part review of Bobbi' Brown’s Bobbi & Katie palette (which started here yesterday)? Read on for more info!
Bobbi & Katie closeup
Today, my review will be about the eye shadows on the left hand side of the palette and the cream blush at the bottom of the palette. These four blushes are of the Shimmer Wash, Metallic and Sparkle varieties, and all are generally much lighter in pigment and frostier than the matte finish eye shadows. All stick with the pink/beige color scheme and are beautiful in the pan.
Bobbi & Katie Shimmer eyeshadows 2

Pink Chiffon Eye Shadow

In the pan, Pink Chiffon appears to be a beautiful, light, cool-toned pink with a touch of shine. A Shimmer Wash shadow, it has a light to medium pigment and a fair amount of fine sparkle on the skin. This shadow is perfect on the lid or on the tear duct area and can be used as part of a multi shadow look or as a simple brightener when worn on its own. Pink Chiffon is not powdery but is also not quite soft and buttery. I’m partial to pinks and I do like this one.
Bobbi & Katie Pink Chiffon eyeshadow

B&K Pink Chiffon eyeshadow seatch

Brown Sugar Eye Shadow

As a metallic shadow, Brown Sugar packs a surprising punch of pigment. I expected it to apply much more sheerly than it did and I like it! Although it’s classified as a “metallic,” I think of it more as a satin shade---not matte but not quite shimmery either. Brown Sugar is a great “wake me up” shade because it makes my face light up as if I’ve had a good night’s sleep. On the lid, it’s a great base for a neutral look or a darker smoky look. Again, this shade is not at all powdery but the texture is softer than Pink Chiffon. In my opinion, Brown Sugar is an excellent shadow.

Bobbi & Katie Brown Sugar eyeshadow

B&K Brown Sugar eyeshadow swatch

Pink Quartz Eye Shadow

Another light, shimmery pink, this metallic shadow also contains quite a bit of pigment. Due its light color and shimmer content, I like this one on the inner corner (or half) of the eye and on the tear duct. This one is soft and buttery and is just lovely! On some people, Pink Quartz may also work as a highlight color but not for me. Too much shine isn’t my thing on the brow bone.
Bobbi & Katie Pink Quartz eyeshadow

B&K Pink Quartz eyeshadow swatch

Ballet Pink Eye Shadow

I love a little sparkle right at the tear duct or in the middle of the lid, on top of a more matte shadow. Ballet Pink is perfect for this job! It’s pigmented, sparkly and my favorite color---pink!!! Bobbi’s sparkle shadows are interesting---some are pigmented all the way through and others consist of colored glitter in a clear base. Ballet Pink is the former---the beautiful pink pigment goes all the way thru the shadow and it’s so sparkly, in a cool way. The glitter is very fine and not chunky so think of it as a “mature” version of glitter that ladies our age can actually wear! Love this!
Bobbi & Katie Ballet Pink eyeshadow

B&K Balley Pink eyeshadow swatch
Raspberry Pot Rouge

Raspberry Pot Rouge is a beautiful, deep pinky berry color that applies absolutely smoothly onto the cheeks. Just like Pretty Powerful, this appears to be the same formula as Bobbi’s single pot rouge pots so it’s long lasting and nicely pigmented. Absolutely lovely!

Bobbi & Katie Raspberry Blush

Bobbi & Katie Raspberry Pot rouge swatch

For the look below, I’m wearing the following:

From the Bobbi & Katie Palette
Cream eye shadow on the brow bone; Brown Sugar eye shadow on the lid; Stone eye shadow in the crease; Ballet Pink shadow on tear duct area;  Chocolate eye pencil on upper lash line; Raspberry pot rouge on cheeks

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in B40; Anastasia Brow Gel in Espresso; Mac Zoom Fast Lash Mascara in Black;  Urban Decay eye pencil in Mushroom on lower lash line; Mac Studio concealer in NW20 and NC30; Mac Capricious lipstick; Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

Bobbi & Katie Look 2 eyes

Bobbi & Katie Look 2 eyes v2
Bobbi & Katie Look 2 v3
Bobbi & Katie Look 2 v2

Ages of Beauty rating: ****