Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bobbi Brown’s Bobbi & Katie Palette, Part 1

Bobbi & Katie Palette 1 
As promised last week, I’m posting part one of my review on the Bobbi & Katie Palette from Bobbi Brown. This palette bills itself as the perfect makeup companion for “on the go” looks for day, night and weekend. I purchased it at Sephora for $68 and it was delivered late last week. I’ve been having a great time with it ever since!
Bobbi & Katie closeup
As I opened the cover of the black and hot pink “book” that is the Bobbi & Katie palette, I was presented with a beautiful selection of eight eye shadows, two cream blushes and one small eye pencil. I’ll review (and swatch) half of the palette today and half tomorrow. Today, I’ll be covering the pink blush at the top of the palette and the eye shadows on the right hand side of the screen.

Bobbi & Katie matte eyeshadows
First up are three matte eye shadows and one metallic. They are as follows:

Cream Eye Shadow

As beautiful as it is in the pan, this matte eye shadow is cursed with the Bobbi Brown palette eye shadow “lack of pigment” mojo. It never ceases to amaze me how one of Bobbi’s single eye shadows can have so much pigment but the same finish in a palette has severe issues.
Bobbi & Katie Cream eyeshadow

B&K Cream eyeshadow swatch
You can see from the swatch that it just doesn’t show up well on my hand and it’s quite a bit lighter than my skin tone. This one was a disappointment.

Antique Rose Eye Shadow

Antique Rose is more pigmented than it’s lighter companion. This one is also available as an eye shadow single. It swatches as a warmer brownish pink although it looks much cooler toned in the pan. I found this shadow to be slightly powdery but it didn’t end up straying off of my brush or my eyelids, which is a plus. It also lasted well over my Urban Decay Primer Potion eye primer. This shadow is subtle, but lovely.
Bobbi & Katie antique Rose eyeshadow

Bobbi & Katie Antique Rose shadow

Stone Eye Shadow

I found the stone eye shadow to be the perfect matte crease color for me. This neutral to warmish matte is great since I have hooded eyes and it easily and effectively recedes the “hood” covering my eyelids. I brought this color up fairly far over the hooded area to lift the eyes but found that this formula blends beautifully!
Bobbi & Katie Stone Eyeshadow

B&K Stone eyeshadow swatch

Black Cocoa Eye Shadow

This dark brown metallic shadow is something of a departure for me since I don’t often wear metallic or glittery shades. Interestingly enough, the pan offers a more glittery look than it does when swatched or on the lid. I wouldn’t wear metallic over the brow bone but I do wear it in the middle of the lid or in the tear duct for a brighter look. Black Cocoa is very pigmented and lush looking, though. It will be great with a smoky eye!

Bobbi & Katie Black cocoa eyeshadow

B&K Black Cocoa eyeshadow swatch
The swatch looks kind of patchy but I didn’t have that problem on the eyelid. You can also see that the swatch doesn’t have much glitter; only a few small gold flecks.

Chocolate Eye Pencil

Bobbi & Katie Chocolate Eye pencil

Bobbi & Katie Chocolate Eye pencil swatch
I’m usually disappointed by eye pencils included in palettes. This chocolate pencil is actually pretty good. The color is rich, the pencil is soft and creamy, making it easy on the skin of the eyes. I did find that the pencil tip doesn’t last for more than one or two applications, which means that before long, I will have sharpened the pencil into oblivion. But for now it’s great! It doesn’t smudge and lasted well all day on my upper lash line.

Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge

Pretty Powerful is a lovely cool toned medium pink that really perks up the complexion! I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and swept backwards and it looked beautiful and natural for most of the day. The formula seems pretty much the same as Bobbi’s regular pot rouges so if you like them, you should like this one!
Bobbi & Katie Pretty Powerful Blush

Bobbi & Katie Pretty Powerful Pot rouge swatch

For the look below, I’m wearing the following:

From the Bobbi & Katie Palette
Cream eye shadow on the brow bone; Antique Rose eye shadow on the lid; Stone eye shadow in the crease; Black Cocoa eye shadow at the outside edge of the eye in  a “v;” Ballet Pink shadow on tear duct area;  Chocolate eye pencil on upper lash line; Pretty Powerful pot rouge on cheeks

Lumene CC Cream in Medium; Anastasia Brow Gel in Espresso; Chanel Soleil de Tan used for contouring; Nars Rue Bonaparte eye pencil on lower water line; Trish McEvoy Volumizing Mascara in Jet Black;  Urban Decay eye pencil in Mushroom on lower lash line; Mac Studio concealer in NW20 and NC30; Make Up For Ever lip pencil in 15C all over lips; Mac Syrup lipstick; Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

Bobbi & Katie Look 1 eyes

Bobbi & Katie Look 1

Bobbi & Katie Look 1 v2

Bobbi & Katie Look 1 v3

My rating will appear at the end of Part 2!