Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aqua Kitty The Great

Aqua Kitty 1
We’re currently in purge mode at my house so everything is an unsettled mess (well, not everything, just the rooms going thru the purge). A week or so ago, I started on my desk and office and the predictable happened….I had a little visit from my boss, Aqua Kitty.
Aqua Kitty 2
Whenever there’s a mess, a box, a bag or when my husband or I are working or reading the paper, Aqua Kitty is right there…in the middle of it all. This happens during the most inconvenient times and when we least expect it.

Aqua Kitty was named as such by my stepson, who noticed a tiny kitten swimming towards him during a float trip down a local river. A stray, Aqua quickly captured his heart and upon calling his Dad to tell him about his adventure, Jesse said, “Hey Dad, I found a kitten in the river. His name is Aqua Kitty, can I keep him?” This happened about eight years ago and this cat has been part of our collective hearts ever since!
Aqua Dog
Aqua is more dog than cat so, of course, his nickname is “Aqua Dog.”  Not only does he come when called, he greets us at the door like the other two dogs and he plays on the floor with the other two dogs, Bailey and Bentley. Unfortunately, he also “rolls” the two twenty year old cats and no one really appreciates that (especially Misty and Max!). We know he is only playing but they are fragile.

We love our little (fat) dog and he tolerates us. As long as we remember who is actually in charge, everything is fine!!!

Aqua Kitty rocks!!!