Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tria Update!!

Pink Tria
A few weeks ago, I posted (here) about my purchase of a Tria hair removal laser. Since then, I’ve used it twice and WOW!!! This thing really works!! I’ve used it on my chin, area above my upper lip, my forehead and temples around my eyebrows and my thighs. It’s remarkable how much hair was deactivated in just two sessions and I definitely believe that after the third, I will have taken care of most of it.
Tria Laser Window 1 Laser window

Tria Laser Window 2
By treating the areas every two weeks, I’m catching the hair in it’s growth cycle, making sure that the follicles are deactivated as they’re “coming in.” On my chin and lower jaw area, I really only have two dark hairs that will be taken care of during my next session, which is this weekend. On my thighs, there is an area on the outside on my right thigh which is still growing and a tiny bit on the backs on my legs but that’s it! And this is coming from a woman who needs to shave and pluck constantly to keep the hair at bay!
Tria lock

Tria display
Display (sorry for the fuzzy picture!!!)

Upon powering up the Tria, it is in the “locked” position. By registering your Tria, the company provides the combination to activate the device the first time. After that initial activation, you unlock it at each use by pressing a sensor against the area on which you’re working. The sensor measures the pigment in the skin to make sure that your skin is not too dark for this type of laser treatment. It’s a great safety measure to make sure that you are not injured (since the laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair, highly pigmented skin can be burned by lasers of this type, making the Tria the wrong product for some darker skin tones). Once you’re unlocked and ready to go, there are 5 strength settings (I use either 4 or 5), depending on your sensitivity.
If you’ve ever had laser hair removal in a medspa, the actual “lasering” feels exactly like that. For those who haven’t, the way I would describe it is like a rubber band being flicked onto the skin from a few inches away. Another description is of a momentary pin prick. Depending on the area being treated, some of the “pin pricks” are real zingers! But it’s just a quick moment and is nothing more than slightly uncomfortable at its worse.
I’m in the process of getting a real lighting set up and a new camera (a DSLR!!) so hopefully, I’ll be able to post a video of my Tria use to give you an idea of what it’s like.
I absolutely love this product and find it worth every bit of the $449 I paid for it at the Tria website. In fact, it has already “paid for itself” in just two sessions (those of you who have had this procedure done in a spa know the costs!). If you’re in the market for a home laser hair removal device, I highly recommend Tria. Besides the Tria site, it’s also available at Sephora, Ulta and QVC.
Ages of Beauty rating: *****