Friday, July 26, 2013

Product Review: Revlon’s PhotoReady Kajal Pencil in Blue Nile

Pencil 1
Recently, Revlon released its PhotoReady Kajal Intense Liner + Brightener in four colors. These looked really interesting at my local Target so I thought that I’d try one out. I purchased the duo in Blue Nile and wore it on and off for a week. Read on for my experiences with it!

Pencil 2

Pencil 3

Blue Nile consists of a beautiful medium blue liner and a creamy white brightener all in one pencil. Each side was creamy and did not pull on my eyelids, which is a big plus. The colors are beautiful and vibrant and so full of promise!!! I wore them a couple of different ways: blue on top and bottom lids at the lash line as well as on the lower water line and then the white on my lower water line. For about an hour, they were gorgeous! Not much longer after an hour, the blue smudged terribly (helloooo racoon eyes!!!) and then faded into nothing. The white did a great job brightening but again, faded away. I was sooo disappointed because I really wanted to love these!
Here’s the deal, though…if you need something to pop on your eyes to go out to the store or to meet friends for a short get together, this pencil is probably great. Or if you’re OK with touching up your makeup throughout the day, it’s fine. Personally, I don’t like to touch up my makeup during the day (other than lipstick and maybe some powder) so these don’t work for me.
Unfortunately, this pencil goes into my “reject” box. Have you had a different experience with this pencil? Please weigh in!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *