Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Product Review: Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer

Natural Glow Firming
I gave up the “real” sun over ten years ago and have longed for a natural looking sunless tanner ever since. This summer, I reached nirvana when I discovered the St. Tropez Sunless Bronzing Mousse and I’ve been using it ever since. In between applications, though, I find it’s best to apply a light sunless tanning moisturizer to prolong the results. Fortunately for me, Jergens has really perfected it’s sunless tanning moisturizer with Natural Glow!
Glow ingredients
Jergen’s promises that this product will not only provide a streakless, natural looking tan, but it will also tone and firm “problem areas.” I’ve used both the light/medium and the medium/tan versions of this lotion and I much prefer the medium/tan. In my opinion, the lighter version is quite orange while the darker version is much more natural. It also leaves my skin soft and smooth. Best yet, there is NO nasty sunless tanner smell! Finally!!!
The lotion itself is creamy and smooth with a “summery” smell—you know, sweet, suntan lotion-ey and slightly floral. I find it very refreshing. As for the “firming” claim, I find no evidence at all that the lotion firms anything! But, I still love it and definitely recommend.
The best way I could find to show the coloring of this product was on my legs. My right leg, above, is my natural, ghostly pale white and doesn’t contain an application of the Jergens lotion. On the left, I applied a coat of moisturizer for two mornings and this nice, tanned color was the result. I find that it really doesn’t streak and is a lot less forgiving than most self tanners. I love it!!

Jergens Natural Glow is available at your local drugstore for about $8.99, depending on the store.

Ages of Beauty rating: ****