Monday, April 15, 2013

Product Review: OCC Liptars in Coral/Natural Colors

I wrote how much I love OCC Liptars when I reviewed the pink colors in my collection here. They are so long lasting and beautiful that I just have to show you the corals. Click below for swatches and my thoughts!

Queen, Trollop, Grandma, Pennyroyal

As I mentioned before, Liptars last anywhere from 4 to 9 hours for me. They go on glossy but dry down to a matte finish. I don't find them particularly drying but some people do. The problem is, when applied with lipbalm, the color doesn't last as long. Never fear, though. Many people report that if used with the clear gloss color (available form OCC), not only does the color last but the texture is more emollient.

The colors I'm reviewing here are Queen, a bright coral pink; Trollop, a light coral pink; Grandma, a true coral and Pennyroyal, a neutral warm brown. All are opaque in finish and wear an insanely long time on my lips. As usual, these colors blend incredibly well with the brush that's included in each "kit." All it takes is a pinhead sized dot of each color on the finger and a quick blend with the brush and voila! You have a different color!





I love Queen, Trollop and Grandma in their natural states. They make great choices for Spring. As for Pennyroyal, it's not great with my cooler skintone but it would be great with a tan and it's excellent when blended with other colors.

OCC Liptars are available at Sephora  and the OCC website for $18. Check them out and tell me what you think!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****