Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Product Review: The New Black Nail Polish

Recently, I was introduced to The New Black nail polishes through the March PopSugar beauty box (here). Since I'd never heard of the brand, I was anxious to try them out. Click below for my thoughts!

The New Black consists of a collection of small (.0125 oz) bottles of vibrantly colored nail polishes. According to the company, each bottle can perform up to ten applications (2 coats each), with the idea being "great things come in small packages." I received two colors, Yellow and Orange, in my PopSugar box. These two colors are part of The New Black's Subculture/Contemporary Neons collection. While the two colors don't appear to be available as a duo, they are both available as part of several other color combinations. Polishes are available in sets ranging from a two bottle set for $10 to a five bottle set for $22.

I first tested the Orange color by layering two coats over one coat of base. Over that I applied Seche Vite top coat. 

Orange applied very smoothly and was quite opaque with just two coats. Miracle upon miracles, this polish still looked beautiful on Day 5. Minor wear at the tip was barely apparent after four days. The color was lovely and I will be wearing this again. After five days, I was bored so I removed it but I expect it could have lasted several days longer. Orange was definitely a winner!

In testing the Yellow color, I applied the same way, over an OPI base coat and topped with Seche Vite. After two coats, yellow still wasn't quite opaque, which surprised me. As with Orange, this color was lovely. Unfortunately, the wear was not the same. On Day 2, this polish began chipping at the tips and I finally removed it on Day 3. Next time, I will probably apply three coats to see if the wear is any better.

Do I recommend The New Black? Yes, I do, particularly the Orange color. I like the idea of the small bottles because really, when's the last time one finishes a large bottle of nail polish?

The New Black is available in limited supply at Sephora, at Home Shopping Network, Zappos and The New Black's website, among others.

Have you tried The New Black? What do you think of this polish?

Ages of Beauty rating: **** for Orange and ** for Yellow