Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Product Review: Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Pressed Powder

Lately, I've been all about foundations and powders. I don't know if that's because Spring is here or what but I have found some great powders lately (some that I've already shared with you). One that I've been wanting to try for a long time is Geurlain's Meteorites Voyage Pressed Powder. I finally got my hands on this and I'm ready to tell you all about it. Click below to find out more!

Meteorites Voyage is a mixture of both matte and pearl finishes that enhances and corrects the skin. Within each compact are three "correcting" colors and three "light enhancing" colors that are supposed to bring radiance to the complexion. The correcting colors include mauve (catches light and corrects color), pink (refreshes tired complexions), and green (corrects redness). Light enhancing colors include white (brings light to the skin without a white film), champagne (adds a very subtle glow) and pink gold ("unifies" olive complexions and warms up fair skin). 

Voyage is available in an absolutely gorgeous decorative compact (see the header picture for this blog entry) for $170 at Niemen Marcus and Nordstrom. This thing is seriously beautiful but there is no way that I can justify spending $170 on face powder. You do get the powder with the compact  but no. Would I spend 50% of $170 on this compact? Heck yes! But I'm not usually a packaging freak and until I see it at half off, I went looking for another option to carry the powder.

Enter Stila's Illuminating Powder Foundation, available here at Sephora. Oddly enough, you have to purchase the foundation packet for $28 and a separate compact for $14 if you want this foundation. I had read several reviews of this foundation and saw that the compact was referenced as the perfect holder for a refill of Guerlain's Meteorites Voyage Pressed Powder! Imagine that! So after I ordered the refill from Nordstrom for $55, I virtually strolled on over to Sephora's website to pick up the compact. Yes, I know $55 for a powder refill is quite expensive but this stuff will literally last for years so I was (of course) able to justify it in my mind!

In terms of how well this powder "works," I really like it. Now I don't normally use powder to control shine  (because I generally don't have any) but I do use it to set concealer. Voyage does an absolutely wonderful job at this. Even in the compact, it's very finely milled and is practically undetectable on the skin. It absolutely does great with providing illumination and not only keeps my concealer in place, it also keeps it from looking "flat."

I think you can see from the swatch that this powder has a slightly pinkish hue. It doesn't seem to translate to the skin as pink but rather gives a really nice, soft glow. I swirl a fluffy brush in the compact and sweep it across my cheeks, forehead, chin, etc, in addition to under my eyes. There's no real discernible shimmer like you'd find with a highlighter and I don't detect any flashback from the camera. In person, I think it gives  pretty airbrushed look to the skin.

Except for the price, I really do like Guerlain's Meteorites Voyage Pressed Powder. How about you? Have you tried it? Will you try it?

Ages of Beauty rating: ****