Thursday, April 4, 2013

Product Review: Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Sparkle Eye Shadow in Lilac

Okay, I have to admit, I was scared to death when I first purchased Bobbi Brown's Sparkle Eye Shadow in Lilac. Not being a fan of glitter on anyone, nor am I in favor of sparkle eye makeup for women over thirty, this one was not an easy pick for me. But I decided to take a walk on the wild side and try this one out. 

Click below for my thoughts.

Bobbi included this lovely, Lilac sparkle eye shadow in her Lilac Rose Collection. At $28, this item is pretty pricey but if you like how you look in purples, this one may just be for you (with a couple of caveats). 

In the pan, this shadow appeared to have giant chunks of glitter and I thought it would be fallout city. I was wrong! When swatched on my arm, there was lots of shine, no obvious chunks of glitter and actually no fallout. The swatch on my hand was fairly even with uniform sparkle. On my eyelids, it was another story. At first, I primed my lids and then attempted to apply Lilac all over the lid. That didn't work well as the lids appeared very patchy. Even when I pressed the eyeshadow in place (rather than "brushed" it on), the surface still looked patchy. By itself, this shadow did not work for me.

Please excuse the peeling skin. I'm midway thru a TCA peel in this picture.

Things were different, though, when I applied Lilac sparkle over shadows from the Lilac Rose Collection palette. I pressed the lilac shadow from the inner corner/tear duct to the middle of the lid. This time, not only did the shadow apply fairly evenly but it also wore well. And, I have to say, I thought it looked absolutely lovely!

 By applying sparkly shadow only on the inner part of the eyelid, I avoided the tacky, dated look that I see when women my age add frost or sparkle above the crease. The color and the slight sparkle really seemed to open up my eyes and I think it is a lovely combination for Spring.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown's Sparkle Eye Shadow? What are your thoughts?

Ages of Beauty rating: ***