Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Product Review: Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

I always had really bushy brows when I was a kid. You know, the kind that would grow straight across (a "unibrow") if I didn't do something. In my teens, I learned to pluck and even went through a period of time when I overplucked. Thankfully, my brows grew back and for years I really didn't have to do anything to make them look good. About three years ago, though, my brows started thinning so I went on a quest for the perfect brow product.

I purchased the Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown for $3.99 at This product comes in a simple looking plastic case but the great surprise is that there is a slide out mirror on the side (not pictured above) that makes it so easy to "do your brows" on the go. Inside is a clear brow wax and two colors of eyebrow powder. There is also a tiny, very functional brow brush and set of tweezers (which I may or may not have successfully used to pluck one of those "out of nowhere" hairs that can appear on the jawline). 

The kit contains two very pigmented powders: a dark brown and a black brown. Although the kit is called "Ash Brown," I don't believe there is anything "ash" about these colors. This will only be suitable for ladies that have fairly dark eyebrows. My dark brown eyebrows are suited to the lighter shade (or a mixture of the two) but not the darker shade. Beauties with light brown, red or blonde eyebrows will not be satisfied with this product.

That being said, the pigment is INCREDIBLE and rivals my Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow powder. The West & Wild is a bit powdery, but the pigment does last all day. I applied it by first brushing on the wax and then applying the lighter of the two powders. This product was even able to cover my white eyebrow hair so I believe it's a winner!

Here are the before and after pictures using this product:

Before Wet & Wild eyebrow powder

After Wet & Wild eyebrow powder

Although Wet & Wild's eyebrow kit works as well as my Anastasia kit, I can't rate it as high because of its lack of color options. If these colors work for you, though, this is a GREAT value!

Ages of Beauty rating: *** 1/2