Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sometimes All You Need Is A Little Skin Conceal!

OCC Concealer R1 1
After a very intense work week last week, which included a flight out to the West coast, all day meetings (with a lot of people) in a too small conference room and then the pollution, traffic and stress that go along with all of that, my body and skin needed a break! Well, fortunately for me, I just had an hour and a half massage with my favorite massage therapist, Mike. That took care of the knots all over my body. Last week, though, my skin reacted differently to all the stress---in the form of a large blemish! It had been literally YEARS since my face had seen such an eruption! Having just re-packed my traveling makeup bag, I (fortunately) discovered that I had packed Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Skin Conceal. Honestly, most of my love had been given to my up-to-the-moment favorite, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye, so I was anxious to give Skin Conceal a real workout!
OCC Concealer R1 2
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Conceal in R1 (light, red-based skintone)

Available for $20 in twelve colors at Sephora and at OCC’s Website, Skin Conceal will take your complexion to places it has never been! I found that not only did it cover the minor discolorations that come from normal aging, but it also concealed the major spot that my newly-teenaged self seemed to grow over night. And it did so ALL DAY!!!

OCC Concealer R1 swatch
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Conceal in R1 (light, red-based skintone)

See below for before and after pics:

Before OCC Concealer R1
Before: No makeup, no concealer (wet hair!)

Before OCC concealer R1 after CC Cream
Midstream: After a light layer of Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream in Light

After OCC Concealer R1
After: CC Cream plus OCC’s Skin Conceal in R1. Wooohooo!!!

BeforeMidstreamAfter OCC Skin Conceal
Before, Midstream and After OCC Skin Conceal

Before After OCC Skin Conceal
Before and After: OCC Skin Conceal

After with Makeup

OCC’s Skin Conceal has now found a permanent place in my makeup bag---it’s that good!!! Check it out at Sephora or OCC and find a shade that’s right for you.

Ages of Beauty rating: *****