Monday, April 21, 2014

OOOO Baby! I Love Your Baby Soft Feet!!!

Baby Foot 1
In Florida, where I’ve been hanging out for a couple of months, it’s already sandal season but for the rest of the country, it’s finally getting into its full swing. If you’re anything like me, that means it’s time to do something about your dry, rough calloused feet! That lead me to Baby Foot, the crazy foot peel that I’ve been reading about for the past couple of years. I was determined that THIS was the year so I searched and searched locally to no avail. Heading to the internet and Mr. Google, I was able to find Baby Foot at Beauty Bridge for $24.95. 
Baby Foot 2
The box contains a shiny foil packet that holds two gel-filled plastic “booties” where all the magic happens! I was a skeptic but willing to try and I wondered how in the world this highly touted foot peel could possibly do the job on my tough feet. So, the first thing I did was review the ingredients:

Baby Foot Ingredients
So….what do we have here? Water and alcohol and then the acids that really are the ones that do the work: lactic, glycolic, citric, malic and salicylic acids (smaller quantities of this). I’m familiar with all of those and have used lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids on my face. Then there’s arginine, an amino acid that is used for wound healing. I can see how that could be potentially beneficial in a peel and it’s towards the top of the ingredients list. Humectants and emollients include the butylene glycol, the PEG 60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. Each bootie is filled with a fairly viscous gel, so there have to be some thickeners in here (there are: hydroxyethylcellulose but also the butylene glycol can be used as a gelling agent when used at up to 10% in formulations) and the fragrance (parfum, as well as Linalool and Limonene at the end) is listed fairly high up on the list so I suspect that everything after “butylene glycol” is at fairly low levels (less than 5%?). Some of the extracts and oils also provide some scent as well but I think that many of them are in the product to provide “label appeal.” The bulk of the work is definitely being done by the acids! We also have a couple of preservatives (Phenoxyethanol, sodium nitrate, glyoxal, and O-Cymen-5-OL---a preservative booster) and a PH adjustor (disodium phosphate).
Baby Foot 3
OK---so how does it work? Well, first I soaked my feet for an hour to soften up the skin (this is a MUST). Then I stepped into each bootie and secured them with the tape provided (note---I had to supplement with my own Scotch Tape). The gel was thick enough to adhere to the skin but was a little bit slippery when I walked. So then I put my feet up and watched a move for an hour, giving the gel a chance to work. Once the time was up, I rinsed the gel off of my feet and then washed up.

For the first couple of days, nothing happened. It wasn’t until about the fifth day that the magic started:

Baby Foot 5
The peeling started right under the balls of both feet and then later progressed to the tops and the sides of the feet. Almost over night (it seemed), the skin turned brittle and dry like an onion skin and flaked off like crazy. It didn’t itch or hurt and underneath was smooth, soft skin.

Baby Foot 7

Baby Foot 8
Baby Foot 9
A LOT of skin sloughed off, guys! And while that’s happening, your feet look a little crazy (and you’ll have to vacuum your floors a lot) but you’ll be happy once it’s all done. I’m at Day 10 now and about the only thing that isn’t completely exfoliated are the very outer parts of each heel---the part of my heel that is the toughest! I definitely do like this product and will purchase it again (I may even try to “dupe” it in my spare time---yeah right!). Baby Foot definitely goes at least one better than a regular pedicure.

Check out Baby Foot at Beauty Bridge!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: ****