Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What a Difference A Week Makes!!!

The weather this winter has been crazy!!! I just think, a week and a half ago, my “home office” looked like this:

Naples FL February 2014

For two and a half weeks, as I was overseeing my parents’ care in their Florida winter home, I made one of the outside patios my office away from home. Almost every day, the sky was clear, the air warm and the breeze was light.

Today was my first full day in my “real” home office after that two and a half week period plus a week long business trip. Here was this morning’s scene outside of my office window:

Virginia 030314

Quite a difference, huh??!! It just makes me happy that I can appreciate where I am in the moment. I won’t miss the snow and the bitterly cold weather, though. Spring, here I come!!!