Friday, January 3, 2014

Bailey, My Little Sweet Pea

Bailey Sweet Pea 1

Almost 14 years ago, a sweet little ball of fur, named Bailey’s English Cream, came into my life. The day that I visited her litter was absolutely glorious as I watched a tiny yellow lab pounce, play and snap her jaws (thus one of her nicknames, “Snappy Jaws”) as she thoroughly stole the show from her littermates. Bailey has given me and my family so much joy and pleasure over the years! She taught us what it was like to be owned by an opinionated, bossy little girl who never met a food group that she didn’t like. And as she has grown older and slower, we still see glimpses of that mischievous, dynamic personality that originally caught our attention.

Bailey Sweet Pea 2

These days, Bailey spends most of her time on the couch or on her special “princess bed,” dreaming of the days gone by when she’d play ball with her littermate, Jack (who passed away several years ago), swim in the pool and be chased through the house by the cats (yes, at one point she was terrified by one of our cats, who is now 20 years old). Running is no longer even a thought, but she can still catch a ball!

Bailey and I have been through a lot together over the years but she’s always been ready with a smile, a “snappy” response to a command and a kiss on the cheek when I needed it. Despite the arthritis that comes with age and a brain tumor that has apparently stopped growing, Bailey always has time for us.  I love this girl and will miss her when she’s gone.