Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish---Yahoooooo!!!

CND Vinylux Tinted Love
<Written in a dramatic, Katherine Hepburn-type voice> I have longed for a time when I would find a nail polish that would last more than two days without chipping. Over the years, I searched and searched until I found Zoya and Julep and the new CoverGirl polishes. All are great and I can usually get about four days without chipping from them. But I wanted more…MORE I tell you! Yes, it’s true that I love the long wear of shellac…it’s great for a vacation…but it takes some work to take off and is just not practical for a girl who loves change. And I do love a practical polish. I yearned for a product that I could change easily whenever I want but would last a week or more if I get busy and crazy and don't have time to change my polish. Finally, I found it…the perfect nail polish…CND’s Vinylux!!! <end drama>
Vinylux Tinted Love after application
Vinylux Tinted Love right after application

So what is this miraculous product? Vinylux is a relatively new polish from CND that is billed as a “weekly polish.” It has a lot of the properties of my beloved shellac but it doesn’t require a light and it’s easily removable with regular nail polish remover. The cool thing about Vinylux is that it actually gets harder the more it is exposed to natural light. They call it “Pro Light Technology” and I just had to try it out for myself!

A few weeks ago, my friend, Ginger, told me that she got a new type of polish applied at her salon. At the time, she thought it looked promising (she has since informed me that she wore it for ten days without a chip) so I purchased the Tinted Love shade and the top coat from Amazon. Tinted Love is  a deep, red burgundy. In the pictures above (taken with a flash), it looks more red than it does on my nails in real life. It’s a beautiful  burgundy shade for fall. I applied two coats directly to my bare nails (no base coat should be applied) and then the special top coat. Would it live up to its hype????
Vinylux Tinted Love Day 2
After 2 days

After two days of wear, the polish looked pretty much exactly the same as it did right after application. AWESOME!!!!!

Vinylux Tinted Love Day 4
After 4 days

On Day 4, I installed a very large modular area rug (the kind with the 16 inch squares). For two hours I peeled, pulled and placed. The small amount of wear you see on my index finger and the incredibly tiny chip on my middle nail is all the damage I sustained. Amazing!!!

And now it’s three days later (a total of seven days) and my nails look exactly as they do above. It will be a few more days before I take the polish off but I have to say I am impressed!!!

Honestly, Vinylux is the best polish (that doesn’t require a light and can be taken off with polish remover) I have ever used and I highly recommend it. There are TONS of colors (see them on the CND website here) so you’re sure to find at least a few you love. I've seen them priced anywhere from $3.99 to about $10.00 depending on the color and the source. Check it out yourself at your local nail salon or wherever CND nail products are sold.

Ages of Beauty rating: *****