Wednesday, October 23, 2013

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation

YSL Le Teint touche eclat 1
I’ve been wearing YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation for at least the last month and it is just so lovely! Today’s post will feature my experiences and thoughts on this luxurious foundation. Keep reading!
YSL Le Teint touche eclat 2
It took quite a lot of “looking” before I actually purchased Touche Eclat. When it first hit the market (I don’t know…9 months? A year ago?), I got several samples at Sephora with the idea that I would find my best shade and then purchase at some point in the future. My actual “face match” is the BR30 shade (beige rose 30), which matches my cool toned face. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned before, my neck is really yellow and lately I’ve been trying to hit a middle ground between my face and neck colors. About two months ago, I visited my local Sephora for one of their Color IQ sessions. Within one session, they actually came up with two color matches (go figure!) but we did figure out that the B40 (Beige 40) color is a better match than BR30. B40 has just enough gold to make the transition from my face to my neck not as jarring as the BR30 would be. Technically, I can also use B30 but B40 has a touch more gold. Here are a couple of swatches of B40.
YSL Le Teint touche eclat swatch 1
YSL Le Teint touche eclat swatch 2
Anyway, Color IQ is not an exact science and I usually have to play around with shades within both of the categories. It does, however, provide a direction for color matching.

OK. So what do I think of this foundation? It’s AWESOME!! Sephora describes it as a “weightless, illuminating foundation” that “targets shadowy areas and highlights the contours of the face.” Touche Eclat is, indeed, an illuminating foundation that is so flattering on aging complexions! It photographs beautifully (see pictures below) and my skin just loves it! I’ve found no issues with clogged pores or clinging to dry areas. That being said, I don’t think it would work great on very oily complexions but on normal to very dry faces, the coverage is light/medium and the breakthrough is nothing that a little powder can’t handle.
YSL Le Teint touche eclat face 1

YSL Le Teint touche eclat face 2

YSL Le Teint touche eclat face 3
Touche Eclat is packaged in a large glass bottle with a really nice pump (helllooo drugstore brands!!) and retails for $55, making it quite a splurge (you can purchase it here from Sephora). It is, however, entirely worth it! :) I apply it with a flat headed foundation/buffing brush and it goes on beautifully. Touche Eclat is available in 17 colors, which will work well for light, medium to medium dark complexions with only a couple of shades for darker skinned ladies (would loooove to see YSL improve on that!). If you can get a match, though, go for it!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****