Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hooded Eyes Part Deux

Denise at 20 
A few weeks ago, during our ongoing “garage purge,” I came across a bag of photos from long ago. One of them was the picture above, which was taken when I was 20 years old. On one hand, I look back on pictures from this period and I see a shy young girl who had very low self esteem and who really had no sense of power at all. On the other hand, my 48 year old self looks back twenty eight years and thinks, “Damn! Look at that hair, that skin and those eyes! Those bright, open, non-hooded eyes!!! What the hell happened???!!”

YSL Le Teint touche eclat face 3
The picture above was taken a few weeks ago. Comparing the two pictures, one of the first things I see is how my upper eyelids have fallen. This is a natural part of aging and I first noticed it when I was about 33. Pictures from that age show my eyes were well on their way to becoming very hooded…and now they are!!! This little fact of life is why I now extend my eye shadow up past the crease and avoid anything light and shiny on that part of the lid. I actually decided to film a tutorial about how I do my eyes (very basically) and you can watch my absolute first You Tube video by clicking below. Please be kind as this really (no, really!) is my very first video of all time. Let me know what you think!
Despite my comfort with this makeup trick, I am planning on having the hood removed for my 50th birthday in a year and a half. I have friends who have done it and it’s a fairly simple procedure that apparently lasts quite a long time. Until then, I will continue experimenting with makeup!

Thanks for watching my video!