Friday, October 18, 2013

Bold and Colorful Fall Eyes

Fall Green FOTD eyes
Happy Friday, everyone!! A few weeks ago, I came across a You Tube video by Tiffany D that focused on an eye look using greens and blues (you can view Tiffany’s tutorial by clicking here). Tiffany created a stunning eye look that I absolutely love! Even though she’s probably 20 years younger than me, I thought that this look could, very possibly, look great on women over 40! Yes, you’ll have to be very adventurous and comfortable with bold eye makeup, but it really is a stunner! So, since I had all of the powder shadows she used except one, and I was placing an order with that company anyway, I decided to order it. The result was a really cool look that I will wear again. This post is about how to recreate Tiffany’s look and I will also provide some tips at the end to tone it down a bit if you aren’t so bold. Read on!

Products Used

Products for Fall Green Blue FOTD
The color eye products I used for this look include the following eyeshadows: Sigma Define, Mac Humid, Contrast, Soft Brown and Vapour. I also used Sephora’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Green (Tiffany used a limited edition Mac pencil).

Step 1
Apply the green eye pencil to the entire lid. Blend with the finger or a brush.
Falll Green Blue How to 1

Step 2
With the green pencil, draw a line under the lower lashes from the outside of the eye to the inside.
Falll Green Blue How to 2
Step 3
With a black eye pencil (I used Nars Eye Pencil in Larger Than Life), draw a line on the lower waterline.
Falll Green Blue How to 3
Step 4
Take some of the Mac Humid eye shadow and “push” it, with a flat brush, into the lashline on the lower lid. This will “set” the eye pencil you applied in Step 3.
Mac Humid Eyeshadow
Falll Green Blue How to 4

Step 5
With a small brush (I used a pencil brush), apply the Sigma Define shadow to the lower lash area, underneath the bright green pencil.
Sigma eyeshadow in Define
Falll Green Blue How to 5

Step 6
With a flat brush, pat the Humid eye shadow on top of the green pencil on the lid.
Falll Green Blue How to 6

Step 7
With a domed crease brush (I’m using a Mac 217), apply the Contrast eye shadow in the crease, concentrating towards the outside of the eye. Blend well.
Mac Contrast Eyeshadow

Falll Green Blue How to 7
Step 8
With a domed crease brush (this one is a Mac 224), apply Soft Brown to the crease, right above the Contrast. This will warm up the eye look and help blend the colors.
Mac Soft BrownEyeshadow
Step 9
With a small brush, apply the Mac Vapour shadow to the tear duct…
Mac Vapour Eyeshadow

Falll Green Blue How to 8
Step 10
…and then apply it right under the eyebrow.
Falll Green Blue How to 9
Step 11
Apply Black liner to upper lash line (I used the Balm Schwing. You can also use a gel or a pencil).

Falll Green Blue How to 10
Step 12
Apply Mascara to upper and lower lashes (I used Benefit’s BadGal Lash).

Falll Green Blue How to 11

And now for the finished look!
Fall Ggreen Blue FOTD Face 1

Fall Ggreen Blue FOTD Face 2

Fall Ggreen Blue FOTD Face 3
Pretty, isn’t it??!! Who says ladies our age can’t wear bold eyes? If you do want to tone it down though, I would probably eliminate the light green shadow under the lower lashes (Step 5), and also the green pencil at the lower lashes (Step 2). Another thing I’d probably experiment with is using more of the dark navy shadow on the upper lid to mute the green a little bit. Everything else I’d keep the same!

As for the rest of your makeup, this look calls for a muted lip (I used the NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee) and cheeks (I used Cailyn Blush in Peach Pink).

So what do you think? Would you wear something this bold and colorful?