Monday, September 23, 2013

Traveling and the Makeup Obsessed

Sometimes I can’t even believe how ridiculous I am. This morning, I left home for a business trip that took me three quarters of the way across the country to Phoenix. Usually, I’m a very savvy packer and manage to efficiently pack the fewest products possible. This trip, not so much. In my zeal to have the proper amount and types of clothing (I actually did pretty well in this area and didn’t over pack at all), I forgot how obsessive I can get when it comes to eye shadows…and makeup brushes…and foundations…and…and…and…
The result was a pile of makeup that consisted of: many makeup brushes (that’s them at the top), two small (ish) Z palettes with individual Mac eyeshadows (about 30 in all---who knows what I’ll feel like wearing!!!), two blushes, six Bobbi Brown cream eye shadows (really? six???), two Mac concealers (I blend these), two foundations (Nars cream foundation and Nars Tinted Moisturizer), two Bobbi Brown gel inks, four lip pencils, one lip gloss, four Mac lipsticks, eyebtow gel, mascara, one white NYX chubby eye pencil in white, Illamasqua Hollow for contouring, Hourglass powder, Make Up for Ever Dermablend Powder, eye primer, eyelash curler, tweezers, Hourglass Primer, setting spray, eye makeup remover, etc, etc
That’s just the makeup. Then there’s perfume (two in the picture above), stuff for my scary white legs, deodorant, a sharpener…

Sunscreen, the skincare products I’m testing this week, cleanser, retin A, hydroquonone, cleansing balm…
Of course I need two similar colors of Butter London polish (I’m tough on my nails when I travel!)…
And sulfate –free shampoo and conditioner for my hair (plus dry shampoo)…the list goes on and on.
I think I actually brought more beauty products than clothing or shoes…for this FOUR day trip.
(someone please save me from myself!!!)