Friday, August 2, 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation

Maybelline Fit Foundation Sticks 

Maybelline fit Me Shine-Free Foundation is one of the most interesting looking drugstore foundations to come out in quite awhile. It’s touted as shine free and perfect for oily skin while blending to a flawless, powder-like finish. I recently purchased three shades to try out this summer and I’m glad I did!
Fit Foundation Sticks
During the summer, my skin is basically “normal” as long as I am vigilant about my skincare routine. Otherwise, I can easily get dry patches, mostly along my chin and cheeks. My summer colors in this product are 235 and 240 (Pure Beige and Golden Beige) and match my skin well when I’m using the St. Tropez Sunless Bronzing Mousse (When I first apply the self tanner, I use 240. Then I will either mix the two darker shades or just use 235, depending on how the color is fading). While I was at it, I also purchase color 120 (Classic Ivory), which matches my natural color.

Maybelline Fit 120 Classic Ivory 120

Maybelling Fit 235
Pure Beige 235

Maybelling Fit 240 Golden Beige 240

Fit Me Foundation Swatches 120, 235, 240

The foundation stick itself contains a fair amount of product. In the center of each stick, there is an “anti-shine core” that is supposed to control shine during the day. Upon application, the foundation glided nicely onto my skin and was extremely blendable, quickly drying to a powder-like finish. One thing that I really liked is that Fit Me Shine-Free provided a very light coverage but it was only minimally buildable (to maybe a light/medium coverage). It also did not settle into my pores, which is especially nice. Now, my skin is not oily, even in the summer, but I thought a good test would be to wear it without any finishing powder as I went about my day, running errands, etc.

The picture above shows what my foundation looks like after wearing shade 235 for five hours. I did not apply powder originally, nor did I touch it up in any way. You can see it provides light coverage but it evens out my skin tone nicely. There’s very little shine but my skin does look “glowy” after five hours (which I consider a good thing). For oily to very oily skins, you’ll probably have to touch it up with powder but I think it could work very well if you’re looking for light coverage (you can always cover your flaws with a bit of concealer). Fit Me Shine-Free is pretty much fool proof, as long as you get the right color. I purchased mine for $8.99 at CVS. 

Definitely recommended!

Ages of Beauty rating: ****