Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Product Review: Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Mac picture
I mentioned in last Friday’s post that I really liked using Mac’s Studio Finish Concealer this summer, along with Mac’s Face & Body Foundation. For me, this concealer is a summer “must have” in my makeup kit. Personally, I’ve been using Studio Finish for several years and have it in my “winter color” (NW20) and my “summer color” (NC35). Both are yellow based concealers than seem to really do a great job. See below for more!
Concealer case NC35

Open case
Mac describes Studio Finish Concealer as “a lightweight, creamy, discreetly opaque concealer.” This description is very accurate as Studio Finish provides great coverage without looking “flat.” And since Flat = Fake when it comes to concealer, this is a good thing!!! I always set my concealer with powder but that’s not necessary with Studio Finish. It provides a waterproof finish that lasts and lasts.

Studio Finish is great for all kinds of areas that require coverage. I find that its textures makes it equally good for the under eye area as well as blemishes and discolored areas of the face. Some concealers are absolutely one or the other but it’s rare to find a concealer that works on all facial issues. Because it’s enhanced with good for the skin things like antioxidants (Vitamins A and E), silica (absorbs oil) and SPF 35, it enhances, protects and conceals the skin all at the same time!!!

Let’s see how it looks on the skin!! (Note: these pictures were taken when I was in the desert in over 100 degrees so my skin is a little shinier than usual).

NC35 swatch
NC 35

Before F&B
Before makeup and concealer

2 layers F&B Foundation only

Face w F&B and concealer 
Foundation plus concealer (and a little bit of powder)

I find that Studio Finish Concealer lasts the entire day (ten hours +) on my skin. Combine its wearability and great color selection and you’ve got a great concealer for most skin colors and types. A little goes a long way and I definitely recommend this for all of the areas you’d like to cover!

Studio Finish Concealer is available online and in the stores at Mac and Nordstrom for $18 for a 7g pot. Check it out!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: ****