Friday, June 14, 2013

In a Shoe Frenzy!!

 Cuteness alert!!!!

I absolutely LOVE shoes but I love a bargain even more! Last week, I was in Target and passed by the shoe department and there they were….sitting on the top rack of the display…the cutest pair of wedges I had seen in a long time. Those who know me well  know that I am a “get in and get out” shopper (I absolutely loathe shopping and obviously missed that gene) so it has to be good to get me to stop and take a second look.

As I slipped on the single Khaki striped shoe, I thought, “Oh no way…I never buy shoes at Target…they always hurt my feet.” Lo and behold, the cute cork wedges were VERY comfortable. AND they only cost $25. So I decided to buy them in every color they offered. But they did not have the Khaki in my size. 


Here they are---Red and Blue wedges for $25 a pair! They will definitely be a summer staple!

Both pairs of wedges

Wearing Wedges

Get thee to Target ASAP before they sell out!!!