Monday, June 3, 2013

A Noisy Spring

Pink Peony 1

Those of you not where I am in Central Virginia may not know that our area has become inundated with the 17 year cicadas. For the past three weeks, my back yard sounds like a flying saucer is going to land at any minute! Even when inside my home, with all of the doors and windows closed, I can hear the constant hum. My friends and family know that insects, particularly flying insects, really creep me out. Cicadas are no exception!

Pink Peony Bush

For that reason, I’d rather show you pictures of my beautiful peonies rather than those fat, ugly bugs! LOL! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers anyway so it’s good that they were so beautiful this year. My husband has been working hard outside (while I avoid the cicadas by staying inside) and our place looks great!

White Peony

I’m glad it’s going to be another 17 years before this group comes back. I’ve really had enough!

Pink Peony 2

Have a great day!