Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Product Review: Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara

I received a full sized tube of Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara in my last PopSugar Must Have Box. Always on the lookout for great mascara, I was anxious to try it. Click below for pictures and swatches!

The idea behind the Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara is that the S shaped brush is supposed to help distribute the mascara and "fan" out the lashes. 

I find the brush to be kind of gimmicky in that it doesn't really seem to perform any differently than many of the regular "straight" brushes. It does, however, apply the mascara in a way that there are no clumps and sticky lashes so as far as gimmicks go, this one works for me. This brush is also no too thick, which is one thing I don't like in a mascara wand. 

As far as the formula is concerned, it is dry, which I like. A dryer formula, for me, means that the mascara sets quickly and it doesn't make a mess. I also seem to have more luck with dryer formulas because they don't smear for me like others do. The True Black color is perfect and doesn't leave me with tarantula lashes.

Before and After two coats of mascara

Two coats of Sculpted Lash give me long and thick lashes that last all day/ I had absolutely no flaking or smudging for well over 12 hours, which makes this Buxom mascara a winner for me!

Busom Sculpted Lash Mascara is available at Sephora for $19. Have you tried it? Please share your opinion!

Ages of Beauty rating: ****