Monday, March 18, 2013

Product Review: Bobbi Brown Roza Nail Polish

As I wrote on my intro post for Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Collection, Bobbi released a beautiful nail polish that looked like a soft and pretty addition for Spring. I purchased it, along with the eyeshadow palette, the sparkle eyeshadow and several lipglosses (reviews are coming!). What did I think of Bobbi's new nail polish? Click below to find out!

I've written before about my love/hate relationship with nail polish. They normally chip on me within a day and it's no more than three days before it gets so bad that I have to take it off. Lately though (well, my last two purchases), I've been pleasantly surprised with the quality and longevity of some of the new polishes.

Roza is a pinky beige, fairly glossy polish that is a perfect neutral with my pale skin. It applies sheerly but I was able to get an opaque color payoff with three coats. 

The brush is small and thin (which I like) and it is easy to maneuver. There's no streaking with this formula, which applies very smoothly.

Bobbi Brown markets this polish as long lasting and I have to say that the description is accurate! I wore this polish on my business trip to New York City this past week and it performed beautifully! Normally, my polish chips like crazy when I'm traveling but there were no chips this trip (I did break a nail but that had nothing to do with the polish). As I'm writing this review, it's been five days since I applied Roza and it still looks great! Here's a picture of my nails on Day 4. You can see that there was no chipping and only minor wear at the tips.

Would I recommend Bobbi Brown's Roza nail polish? You bet! This one gets my top rating!

You can purchase Roza on the Bobbi Brown website here and at for $18. 

Have you tried Roza? What do YOU think?

Ages of Beauty rating: *****