Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makeup Storage with Z Palette!

Like a lot of you, I have a TON of makeup! Whether it's eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, highlighters or powders, you name it, I've probably tried it. Since I like so many different types of makeup, storage is a problem. Just imagine having hundreds of lipsticks (or even more than ten) and then not being able to tell what color the individual tubes are when you go to reach for the perfect red. Or maybe you just know that you purchased a wonderful blue/gray eyeshadow some months ago but in order to find it, you have to open fifteen different eyeshadow cases before you find it. 

Enter Z Palette...the perfect storage solution for you and me. Read on to find out more!

Z Palette Pro Series black

A Z Palette is an innovative device, invented by a makeup artist,  that provides secure, convenient and efficient storage for many of your cosmetics. Instead of having to purchase individual makeup palettes for each brand of cosmetics in your collection, the Z Palette works with any brand. The floor of the case is magnetized so that individual pans can be placed securely on top of the magnet. For pans that are not metal, the company provides magnetic stickers that can placed on the bottom of the pans.

Black and Zebra Pro Series

Each palette is covered with a transparent, magnetized lid which not only keeps your cosmetics in place but also allows you to see what is actually in each case, saving you time and frustration! How great is that?!!

Mac eyeshadows

All kinds of eyeshadows

Dior, Mac, Bobbi Brown and Chanel eyeshadows with Tarte and Chanel blushes

Nars, Mac, Tarte and Bobbi Brown blushes

Thirty-two lipsticks in two small palettes!

To use the a Z Palette, you de-pot any eyeshadow or blush that you want to place inside. It's not a difficult process; there are plenty of tutorials on the internet or, better yet, many brands allow you to purchase refills without the case, making it very easy to pop right into your Z Palette. When I did this, my makeup collection was streamlined so much that I was able to put what had taken three drawers to store into part of one drawer. Amazing!

For the lip palette, it's really easy. All you do is take a bit of lipstick and place it into an individual lip pan, which is available from Z Palette . Once you have filled as many pans as you need to, place the pans on a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven just until the lipstick melts. It doesn't take long! Then take the pans out, let them cool, and pop them into your Z Palette. Use a brush (I have a retractable lip brush) to apply your lipstick. It's that simple!

Z Palettes can be purchased on the Z Palette website here and they range in price from $14 to $25, depending on the size. They are GREAT for travel. I always take at least one with me on vacation or on a business trip. Z Palettes will change your makeup life!!!

So when's the last time your makeup life was changed? Have you tried the Z Palette? Do share!!!